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Fishing Report

August 4, 2017

Hello all (and Jim)

Here is the latest fishing report as of 8/4/2017.

All the years of working in a tackle shop had finally paid off.  We were finally going to be able to put our expertise to work. We managed to get a day off to go fishing and boy were we excited!!

The day before the trip we gathered all the right tackle.  We had all our bases covered, every type of bait to catch any fish we ran in to. If there was a fish to be had, we were going to be ready.  All the tackle you could and bottom rigs, sinkers of every size,  jigs, gulp of every shape, size and color. Squid, clams, shiners the list was endless. (Owning a tackle store can come in handy)

We were so excited the night before we could barely sleep.  We knew we were going to have a great day and could not wait for the morning to arrive.  We left the house about 2 hours before the sun came up.  That gave us enough time to hit the Wawa for the coffee and donuts.  Got the to dock, loaded the boat.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  Just enough wind, but not too much.  The current was just right.  You know, one of those days you pray for and only see once in blue moon.

We set up our rods.  Got everything set and lowered the hooks.  It only took 30 seconds after the first one hit the bottom......and boom! The rods kept bending. Fish kept coming. One after another.  This went on for 4 hours.  We filled the cooler with everything.  Limits of flounder, sea bass, croaker, blue fish and even a couple mahi.  It was a great day, one like we had never seen and probably would never see again.

As left our fishing spot, we saw a beautiful show of dolphin, swimming along with us back to shore.  It was the icing on the cake to a perfect day.

We arrived back at the dock and unloaded our catch. Still early enough for dinner, we had time to clean the fish and get ready for the fish fry that was to follow.  Cooked to perfection and paired with some fresh vegetables from the garden we had a feast for a king.

And then the worse possible thing happened.......I WOKE UP!!!

Hope you have sweet dreams too,

Mrs. Bert (Deanna)


July 1, 2017

Hi Friends (and Jim),

Fishing in our area has been very hard to say the least.  Things are still not what they should be around here.  The water temps still seem to be on the cool side for this time of year.  And the weather has not been ver condusive for fishing.  Either it has been blowing a gale or just been blowing a GALE.
Things in the bay have picked up over the past couple of weeks.  We are starting to see more flounder being caught.  Now that doesn't mean they are jumping on your hook, but it is an improvement from the half a dozen or so that we would see on the fish cleaning table.
Gale Force charters, mainly fishes the Inlet, and they have been bringing in more keepers lately using shiners, minnows or gulp baits.  They are really having to work for them though. 
Fishing the south side and along the Coast Guard Station wall has been very popular spots for many people.  We have seen some nice flounder come in weighing up to 9lbs.
There have also been some sheepshead brought in from the jetty using sand fleas.
Fishing in the ocean on the inshore wrecks has been painful.  Not many keeper sea bass, as all the larger ones seem to be out at the Del-Jersey site and on other offshore reef sites.
Flounder are still hard to come by out there, but we have had some nice ones come in over this past week.  A 5lb flounder was caught by Clay Harrison at the Old Grounds and others have been around 2-4lbs.
The inshore thresher season was good but too short.  We had some big ones weighed in here ranging from 150lbs up to 408lbs. The mako sharks are now making an appearance out in the Hot Dog and othe Canyons.  Capt. Ike brought in the biggest one that weighed in at 396lbs on an overnight trip.  They caught it using mackerel fillet and chum.
Last year the tuna bite was incredible with the bite being on the inshore side of the canyons.  This year the fish have been staying out far.  We were seeing boats traveling to the Norfolk, Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons looking for the tuna.
The blue fins made the first appearance with small ones coming in to the dock earlier in the season and now yellows and bigger blue fin are showing up.  We have had a couple of big eye tunas make in as well.  Trolling ballyhoo on spreader bars or on Ilanders is the ticket right now.
The bite has moved a tad bit closer with yellowfins being caught out at the Hot Dog. And yesterday we had a blue fin caught from Massey's.
Black sea bass are in fewer numbers out at the Del-Jersey and Radford. 
The inshore sites of 10 & 11 are not very productive either. 
To sum it up, fishing is SLOW.  And the catching is even SLOWER.
But don't give up, it has to change soon and you want to be there when it does.
Thanks for checking in,
Team Hook 'em & Cook 'em

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!

The fishing report has been neglected and thanks to "Jim" it is now being updated.  My apologies to Jim and everyone else that follows my sad reporting skills.

Just a reminder, Tautog season has closed and will reopen July 17th.  And Flounder has changed from 16" to 17".

The blue fish seem to have found there way to Delaware.  They are being caught on the beaches from Cape Henlopen to South Bethany. 

The beaches are seeing fish hit the hooks with bait like, bunker, finger mullet and other cut baits.  The blues are also hitting in the inlet on incoming tides with artifical lures.  You will see them mostly on the top of the water so use top water lures like Tsunami plugs or anything like that style, bucktails or a jig.  Just cast into the schools and wait for the action.

There have been a few stripers caught in and around the beaches and the inlet as well.  Mostly small ones with a keeper being seen every once in a while.  Most of your big fish have been caught up off of New Jersey or down of of Chincotegue.

For those of you looking for those big black drum, the run has started in the Delaware Bay at the Coral Beds.  And even a few being taken from the beaches up that way.  Use fresh surf clams.

The flounder are showing up in the Lewes Canal this spring.  We haven't seen too many being caught in the back bays of Rehoboth or Indian River yet.  But hopefully with this warm weather coming back this week we will see things change on that front.

No boats have set out from our marina for tuna yet, but just you wait.....they will be soon!  And boy don't we look forward to that.

Black sea bass will open tomorrow May 15th, but the weather doesn't look to promising as far as the wind goes.  NW 25-35 YUCK!! Hopefully Tuesday will be the day.

That's all for now, hope I can keep this going all summer!!! Thanks, Jim!  If you aren't to busy I can let you do it.

Mrs. Bert

June 16, 2016

The weather report doesn't look good for this weekend and apparently everyone took to the water Tuesday into Wednesday or left the dock on Wednesday to head off for the offshore fishing grounds.  And around 12pm yesterday it was non-stop with boat after boat coming to the dock with their catches.

We saw the first boat hit the dock with 18 yellowfin tuna from the Fish Whistle.  He was fishing at the Norfolk canyon with bally and brought back an awesome catch.  The next boat in was the Judy V., from it's half day morning trip.  They had some flounder and were heading back out for the afternoon trip.  To follow was some more of the offshore boats,  We saw 3 big eye tuna and yellow fin tuna from Always Something, they were fishing in the Washington Canyon. 

Inshore fishing for flounder picked up with limits coming in from several boats, some more coming from both head boats, the Judy V. and the Capt. Bob II.  These boats are fishing primarily the Site 10, A-B Buoys and the Old Grounds.  Some are jigging with cut bait and some are just bouncing the bottom with cut bait and squid or Gulp Baits.

This went on for about 2 more hours until the Tail To Tale brought in a Blue Marlin.  This fish weighed 557lbs and was a monster.  Now before you go and ask, "Why did they kill it", I say to you, most guys fish their entire lives for a fish like this and when you hook it up it is a fight like no other.  And the adrenaline is pumping and the fish is fighting and this fight goes on for a couple of hours sometimes.  By the end of the fight the fish has no more life in it and will most likely die.  And I want to add that it is legal to keep this fish.  There are unwritten codes in the sportfishing world about catch and release of this type of fish, but come on.....that is a big ass fish and wouldn't you want some braggin' rights.  Also they were going to divide this thing up after having it smoked.  So I don't believe it will be wasted.  Enough of my lecturing.

A nice 231lb mako shark was brought in this morning by the Michael D after an overnight trip to the Norfolk.  They hooked this big boy up using whole blue fish and some Triple Threat chum.  Triple Threat is an exclusive mixed chum, made here at Hook 'em & Cook 'em.  It is a very tightly packed 5 gallon bucket with some of the best ingredients for shark fishing.  It will last you for hours longer than other brands.

The inlet fishing report is to say the least....bleak.  There are some small rock fish being caught from the bridge out to the jetty on the last couple hours of the incoming tide.  It is hit or miss, but if you are one of the lucky ones to catch one they are using artificial lures like Tsunami swim shads and Storm lures. Some luck has been had on white bucktails with white worms.  Blues are also being seen when the runs are going on with the rock fish.

Flounder are hiding too well in the inlet and back bays with only a handful showing up on the south side in front of the houses and condos along the rock wall.  You could try your luck by the red roof house or the VFW Slough.  You really have nothing to lose.

The beach has been seeing some kingfish, skates and sharks.  During the morning hours from about 7am-10am and again from 5pm - 8pm you will see the majority of your kingfish caught.  Most use either live or artificial blood worms.  Skates and small dog fish sharks will bite on cut bait of bunker, finger mullet or mackerel fillet. 

At evening to night you will find the big boys come out.  Hook up a piece of tuna belly or a small tuna head and you will most certainly find a nice fight for a bigger shark.  Just remember to be careful because certain species are not allow to be taken out of the water so you will have to cut your leader and let it go.  Make sure you are using a hook that will rust out so that the poor toothy critter will not have to live with it until the next time he is caught.

Sunday is Father's Day, don't forget to pick up a gift certificate or a nice gift for dad at either of our locations.

Until next report, Good fishing!  (mrs. bert)

June 6,2016

Busy, busy, busy was the word of the day for Saturday.  From noon until 8pm the fish kept rolling in from the boats.  The walk-in was full and the dock was covered in blood and scales from all the unloading.

The offshore fishing was fantastic for the offshore boats.  The tuna, mahi and mako sharks were still running in the canyons and there were some thresher sharks caught on the inshore grounds.

Fish Whisperer came in on Friday afternoon with a limit of blue line and golden tile fish along with some 50+ black sea bass.  Fishing in the deep of the canyon with squid got these fish up.

"Da Chief" left Friday afternoon and fished the 461 lump overnight and returned with 12 yellow fin and 16 mahi.  The crew from "Green Hornet" brought home 8 tuna, 3 mahi and a 100lb mako caught on Triple Threat chum.  The Bill Collector brought in 6 yellow fin tuna, 4 mahi and 103lb mako shark and released 2 white marlin. Indian Giver brought in 5 tuna and 15 mahi.

The tuna, mahi and mako sharks were caught trolling around the 461 Lump and the Washington Canyon.  Tuna took ballyhoo and the sharks were taking whole mackerel or whole bunker along with chum.

A monster 477lb Thresher shark was brought in by Tommy Dukes, he was fishing A-buoy using whole baits and chum. Another large 213lb Thresher was caught at A-Buoy using "Bloodstream"

"Bloodstream" is a fairly new product on the market.  It is a dry bag mix that contains freeze dried blood and meat and when mixed into a ball produces the same result as a fresh bucket of chum.  You are able to keep this product on broad with out the use of coolers or freezers.

If you are looking for chum search no further then here at Hook 'em & Cook 'em. We grind our own chum from freshly caught then frozen bunker, then packed tightly in a 5 gallon bucket.  We have several tasty varieties for the finicky sharks.   There is our 100% bunker chum, our special Bunker/Blue blend and then our Exclusive Brand "Triple Threat" which is a concoction that will intoxicate the shark so much it just might jump right in the boat.

This inshore bite saw signs of improvement with the sightings of flounder.  Their were a few with their limits and a nice 7.4lber caught on the inshore wrecks and buoys.  Jigging minnows and squid on the bottom with a top and bottom rig got results. The black sea bass are still the same, mostly throw backs with some keepers in the mix.

The beach is seeing some kingfish, sharks and skates using cut bait and bloodworms.  There have been reports of blue fish and few short stripers caught as well.  These have been sporadic along the beach from Cape Henlopen to Bethany Beach.

The jetty is producing some keeper stripers using artificial lures like Tsunami and Storms or white bucktails on white worms. There are also some that are using sand fleas and floating them on the hook with no weight. The best bite time has been the last 2-3 hours of the incoming tide.  Most of the striper caught are on the jetty areas and along the pockets of the beach and jetty.  The Coast Guard wall has also produced some keepers.  Once tide becomes slack the action stops. We have seen some 10"-15" blue fish also caught during this run.

The back bay has been very quiet for flounder.  Maybe we saw one or two over the weekend from that area.  But on a brighter note the crabbing has been outstanding. 

That's all for now..."Let's go fishing"

May 30, 2016

Well it has arrived, the official start to the summer season is here at the Indian River Marina and Hook 'em & Cook 'em.  And with it came blue skies, warm temps and a good reports of an offshore bite. The inshore fisherman had a little harder time of it, with smaller numbers of keeper black sea bass and very few flounder.    

If you were after the yellow fin tuna then you needed to be out just south of the Washington Canyon and as far as the Norfolk Canyon. It is a heck of a haul to get there for most, but if you could you would find your limits of yellow fin tuna ranging from 25lbs to 45lbs and some nice sized mahi while trolling ballyhoo. 


"Reel Life" caught their limit just 10 miles south of the Washington Canyon running along the  500-1000 line.

"Comin' in Hot" brought in the first mako of the season along with their limit of yellow fin fishing down around the Norfolk Canyon.

Fishing south of the Washington Canyon "Rusty Reel" brought 8 yellows and a mahi to the docks.

The crew from the "Even Keeleigh" had a limit of yellow fin and a big eye tuna that was also a tasty treat for a mako that took it's tail off.

A 297lb Thresher shark came in from the Old Grounds and was caught using a fairly new product on the market called "Bloodstream"  This is a dry form of chum that is two parts and can be kept on board for those "just in case moments" when there are sharks and you failed to pick up the frozen chum.  Apparently it does work, just look at these results.

The inshore report was a little disappointing compared to reports from earlier in the week.  The black sea bass are now seeing fewer keepers hitting the cooler.  The larger fish seemed to have moved out and onward leaving behind the smaller ones. The boats that were looking for these fish had to travel further and fish longer to get any measurable catch to bring back for dinner.

Charter boat  Miss Ene II had some luck with some snapper blue fish while trolling off of Fenwick shoul.

The Inlet has been seeing rock fish and blues running with some shad. They rock fish are biting on the beginning and ends of the incoming tides.  Most are using artificial lures like swim shads or bucktails.  These fish being caught are not great in any numbers, but you will have a better chance on the tides and up by the bridge and out toward the jetty on the north side and in the pocket.  Blue fish are spotty and being caught on clarkspoons, bucktails and Gotcha plugs.  The shad are being caught with either spec rigs or shad darts.

And the flounder bite is very slow in the back bays of Indian River and Rehoboth.  However, some were lucky enough to find a hungry one here like, Randy the "Duke of Fluke" Piascinski. He landed a 26" 5.6lber caught while jigging live minnows around Massey's Landing. (info courtesy of Rick's Bait and Tackle)

And Mike Deblasis caught a flattie in the Lewes canal using minnows. (info courtesy of Lewes Harbour).

Now that the the visitors have left, the rain has returned and we will see a good amount of it through the rest of day and on and off showers in the "UNSETTLED WEATHER PATTERN" for the rest of the week.  UGH!

Let's hope they are wrong.  - Deanna aka/Mrs. Bert

May 19, 2016

Black sea bass are being caught at Site 11 using a combo of squid and sand fleas and salted clams fishing in about 80' of water.

In the Inlet we are hearing reports of Rock fish (or striper) and blue fish being caught.

Rock fish are being caught in the Inlet on the north side of the jetty using artifical lures of Tsunami swim shads and split tail minnows.  Some are using white bucktails and white worms.

The blue fish are showing up in the inlet as well.  They are also using the white bucktails and white worms or Kastmasters. 

One of our employees, Mike Lewis caught a 16" flounder in the bay this morning. He was using a jig head with Gulp white swimming mullet.

The Lewes Canal Flounder Tournament starts tomorrow, sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina.  Cost is $25 to register. 

We have a fresh delivery of bunker, some live bloods, and tomorrow we will have some live sand fleas.

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!  But isn't everyday Mother's Day?  Think about it.  Think back....(pretend you hear that music that takes you back in time, you know the kind you hear on tv) Remember when she ....bought that rod and reel you loved for Christmas, packed your lunch for you to go fishing, cooked that fish that you caught, (if she is good she probably cleaned that fish too!), maybe she even took you out on your first fishing trip.  But, even if she didn't do all those things related to fishing, she is your mom and all she really wants is some of your time. So stop tell her that you "Love" her and just be together.

Now, for the real news!!! The fish are starting to show up.  We are seeing some blue fish in the Indian River Inlet as well as on the beach.  Reports are that they have been showing up from Herring Point down to 3R's road.  Most are using bucktails with white worms, some bloodworms or cut bait.

The rock fish are also showing up, we have had some shorts in the Indian River Inlet, on the incoming tide using artifical lures and some keepers are being caught there and on the beach.  Use fresh cut bunker and you will find these critters more ready to bite the hook.

The tog are being seen along the Coast Guard wall on the North side and along the cut of the South side of the Inlet. Use either green crabs or sand fleas for those tricky fish.

No flounder have been reported in the back bays yet, only time will tell when they will turn on.

The ocean is producing some nice tog and the Judy V.'s full day trip brought some back to the dock today (Saturday) Pictures to follow.  or check the facebook pages of both Hook 'em & Cook 'em and Judy V.

That's it for now, hope to keep up with this fishing report stuff.  Any volunteers?

Today's catch is Tonight's dinner,

Deanna (AKA Mrs. Bert)

July 31, 2015

Well it is the last dy of July already, before you know it Labor Day will be here!!

We survived the Seafood & Arts Festival this year with a great showing of attendance that day.  Thanks to everyone that came out that day, it was a beautiful day with a lot of great vendors.

The inshore report has been great with the flounder fishing.  The head boat Judy V. as well as the Capt. Bob II have been bringing in good amounts of big flounder when the drift has been good.  The Judy V has been seeing good amounts of flounder with the best day being on Tuesday afternoon with a load of flounder coming back with some up to 5.8lbs.  The Capt. Bob II had a great full day trip on Saturday and Sunday.  The Saturday trip had 80 keepers on the Shimano Jigging trip and the Sunday trip wasn't as nice but still had a great day of fishing with about 20 keepers.
Not everyday is a banner day, you have to take into account the drift.  If the drift is too fast or too slow the bite is not as good.  It has to have everything perfect to have great flounder fishing.  The wind and current can work against each other and that can make for a bad drift.
There have been blue fish caught on the troll out at the Fenwick Shoal.  The snappers are being caught using Clarkspoons.
The fishing has been on the slow side in the inlet with flounder being caught with Gulp baits or minnows and squid.  That being said you really have to work to get your limit in the inlet or the south side and bay areas.
The croaker are showing up along the rocks using squid, Fish Bites clam or real clam.  But why mess with the real thing when the artificial works just as well.
The rockfish are being caught at night mostly with many more throw backs than keepers.  Some are using eels, some are using sand fleas and others are using artificial lures of Storms or Tsunamis.  The ratio on the catch is about 1 keeper for every 15 fish caught.  So you have to work long and hard to get to find that one keeper.
The back bays are showing some croakers and a few flounder.  There have not been many spot in our or or other surrounding areas either.  The spot that we have had has died overnight and we have heard that from others as well.

The beach areas are seeing some king fish, sparing amounts of spot and some croaker in the morning hours and evening hours.  The skates and sharks are around most of the day with cut bait of finger mullet, bunker or mackerel.  Then the evening to dark hours bring out the bigger sharks using a chunk of tuna belly or whole small tuna head on a large 18/0 - 20/0 hook.  These baits are then kayaked out about 200yard off shore and then the wait begins.  Those who attempt this have been seeing sharks anywhere from 4' - 8' in length.  There have been bull sharks, tiger sharks and a few black tips.  Please remember that you are not allowed to bring these creatures out of the wash of the surf so be extremely careful when fooling with them.

The offshore reports were a little on the slow side this past week with only a 76lb swordfish being caught on "Work Release" on Sunday and some nice size mahi, Banded runners and a triple tail brought in from the Wilmington on Thursday.  The mahi weighed anywhere from 8-15lbs and were also caught on the "Work Release"  We only saw 2 tuna over the week that were brought in by Capt Ike II and Fish Whisperer.  They were caught on the chunk at the Wilmington Canyon.
With the White Marlin Open begining next week we should see some more fisherman and fish hitting the docks.  Remember to get your baits early, the ballyhoo selection is getting a little thin.
Until next time,
Good Fishing to All and to All a Good Bite!!

May 29, 2015

The south - southeast wind slowed down the fishing early this week here at Hook 'em & Cook 'em, but things are picking back up for the weekend.

Blue fish continue to be the hot item in the Inlet, although not as hot as it has been.  Bucktails and white worms are still the ticket for toothy critters along with spoons and ponytails.  Incoming tide seems to be the best time.


Pic #1 Will, Jimmy and Lynsie fish the inlet with bucktails, the biggest 9.6lb
Pic #2 Samson and Josh get these also on bucktails, biggest 8lbs
Pic #3 Roger gets these on Ponytails, biggest 11.7lbs

The rockfish bite has been up and down.  On Wednesday there were some just outside of the inlet on the north side.  A couple of local boats hooked up with them and got a couple of keepers.  Those fishing from the rocks are having some luck.  All are being caught using artificial lures or bucktails.  And they are also being caught at night.

     Carter, Johnny, Jimmy and Mike get there keepers of rockfish

Flounder are showing up in the back bays and being caught with live minnows.  There was an 8.4lb and 28" flounder caught our at Site 11 over last weekend.  This flounder was caught on clam of all things.


Pic #1 Kyle got his first flounder in the back bay with live minnows
Pic #2 Brandon caught this 8.4lb flounder at Site 11 on clams and his buddies got some sea bass

The black sea bass have been hard to come by lately.  We have seen a few of these fish but not in any large numbers.

Offshore things continue to be productive with mako sharks, yellowfins and the first big eye of the season.  Most are trolling ballyhoos out at the Baltimore Canyon.  And those fishing for makos have been using mackeral chum with whole baits like blue fish or mackeral.


Pic #1 Capt Ike had a 157.2lb mako at the Fingers on bluefish
Pic #2 Boys Toy loaded up with yellowfin from the Baltimore
Pic #3 109lb mako shark and 9 tuna from the Baltimore
Pic #4 Howard, Dave, Daryl and CC got the first Big eye from the Baltimore
Pic #5 Kevin, Tom and Todd bring in 6 yellowfin from the Baltimore 

The beach report has been slow with some reports of black drum being caught on clam and a few short stripers.

The Delaware Bay has been reporting lots of black drum being caught.  These big monsters are hitting on clam.

   Lynn and Robert get black drum from the Delaware Bay

May 13, 2015

The blue fish blitz has been happening around Indian River Inlet for the past 6 days.  Large fish weighing in anywhere from 10lbs-18lbs have been hitting the docks. Limits have not been hard to get.  Everyone is using 1oz - 1 1/2oz white bucktails with white worms and fishing on the incoming tide from the bridge down to the coast guard wall.

We have heard of some rock fish being taken at night between the hours of 12am-4am.  Some guys are seeing their limits and beyond while others are lucky to hook up.  They have been fishing on the south side on the jetty using Tsunami swim shads or Storm lures.  This is not an every night occurance either so don't expect to see it happen everynight.  Keep in mind now there is a slot size limit of 28"-37" or 44"+.  You are still allowed 2 per person per day in any combination.

Check out the newest additions to the picture gallery here!!!

May 5, 2015

Calling all fisherman.....the fish have started to arrived!! 

Last week was a good start to our fishing season here at Indian River.  The blue fish and rock fish started showing up and the tog started biting the hooks too.

Blue fish have started coming in the inlet on incoming tides and have been seen as far up in the bay as Holt's Landing area.  They are catching them on bucktails, spoons and kastmasters. Now, we are not talking the snapper blues but, the large blues, up to 12lbs.     

They have also been caught on the north side of Indian River on the beach with cut baits such as finger mullet or bunker. They weighed in from 10 to 17lbs.

Sunday's beautiful weather allowed boats to take to the water out at Site 10 and had good catches of tautog.  The Judy V., Miss Ene III and Karen Sue all had good numbers of large tog weighing up to 9.6lbs.  A large majority of the fish were over 4lbs with just a few of the keepers being 3lbs.

On Sunday night the rock fish come into the inlet on the end of the incoming and beginning of the outgoing tides at night. Most are using artificial swim shads by Tsunami in  a Sea trout color which is a red head with a gold spotted body in 5" size.  The Storm lures have been working in a shad or herring color.  Reports came to us that most of the fish were large measuring up to 40" or so and were being caught in good numbers for the amount of people that were there.

Lock of Frankford, DE caught this 43lb 48" rockfish on Monday morning using a sea trout colored Tsunami lure.

The flounder have been seen in the back bays, out in front of the red roof house and around the VFW Slough.

Today, Tuesday, Judy Copple of Elkton, MD brought in a 3.6lb flounder that was caught on a minnow while in front of the red roof house. (South side of Indian River Inlet on the back side of  the south side marina)  And there was one caught last weekend around the Coast Guard Station wall.

A couple of reminders that are heading our way on May 11th ..............                               

-the last day to fish for Tog and,

-the Rockfish or Striper regulations change  The new rules will be a slot style limit of 2 fish per day at  28"-37" or 44" and up, in any combination. Now keep in mind that the Delaware Bay, Delaware River and its tributaries have a slot limit of 20"-25" from July 1-Aug 31 and this will remain in effect during that time in that area only.

Here is the link to DNREC's webpage with the news alert

March 25, 2015

The snow is gone and spring is finally here!!  Well.... on the calendar anyway.  Despite the cool weather we are gearing up for a great fishing season this year.  We are cleaning the cobwebs off the racks and are preparing for the shipments of all of your favorite and hopefully some new favorite products. We will be open on the weekends now until the fish tell us they are here.  Call to make sure. 

We are hoping the fish are coming soon but things are slow and with the water temperatures in the upper 30's it has a lot of warming up to do.  But don't dismay....there are reports of some white perch being caught in some creeks and rivers.  Broadkill River, Cedar Creek and Derrickson's Creek are the areas which we have heard reports on bloodworms or grass shrimp.  The fresh water ponds have been stocked with trout at Tidbury Pond in Dover and Newton Pond outside of Greenwood.  It opened on March 14th.  Don't forget to get your new 2015 fishing license.  No fee increases this year.  Good news for us all!!

There are some changes coming to our fishing regulations this year that concern the rockfish and maybe the black sea bass.  These regulations have not been set yet, but as soon as it does I will pass it along.

The Judy V. and the Capt. Bob II are getting ready for their annual inspections by the Coast Guard  and cleanings.  The Capt. Bob is getting some remodeling and a paint job.  As you can imagine the work has been slow due to the winter weather but we are now back at it.

July 14, 2014

Summer just seems to go by so fast that I never seem to be able to keep up with writing these darn things.  I don't blame you if you give up on me.

But here goes anyway.....

Indian River Inlet has seen an invasion of croakers.  They are being caught with clam, squid or bloodworms (either live or the Fishbites variety)  using a top and bottom rig for surf fishing with about a 2 ounce weight.  They are being caught along the rocks on the north and south side of the inlet.

We saw a really good bite on flounder up until the full moon, with some fish as big as 7lbs.  Since then we are still seeing them,, but not like they were.   Flounder are being caught with live minnows and squid, live spot, live shiners or a pearl white or nuclear chicken 5" swimming mullet Gulp bait.

Alex Windsor caught this 7.2lb flounder along with a 4lber in the Indian River Inlet.

Some nice sized trout are still being caught along the Inlet and mostly at dusk to dark.  They are being caught along with the croaker by accident.  Here is Clayton Ander from our store in South Bethany with a 6.6lb sea trout he caught at night.

Rock fish are now shorts with very few keepers being taken.  They are using live spot, flies or a Tsunami  artificial lure of Heavy Split tail in blue back color.  (Only availabe at Hook 'em & Cook 'em and Hook 'em & Cook 'em Outfitters in Bethany)

There are some sheep's head and trigger fish being taken out along the jetties with live sand fleas.

The back bays are showing mostly croakers.  Haven't heard of too much other than that and some clamming and crabbing that is going on.

The inshore wrecks and buoys are bringing in some flounder, croakers and a few (very few) black sea bass. 

The flounder are being taken with shiners, squid, live minnows, cut bait on flies jigging on the bottom.  The croakers are being caught with clam (salted or Fishbites) and the black sea bass (mostly small in size and number) are being caught with squid.

The offshore report is yellow fin, mahi and white marlin at the Baltimore and mako shark and big eye tuna at the Washington.

Some are starting to chunk butterfish while others are still trolling ballyhoo.

The surf is slow with some king fish, blow fish and sharks.  Use a top and bottom rig with bloodworms (live or artificial) cut finger mullet or clam for the small fish.  If you are looking for some sharks use tuna belly or fresh mahi carcasses.

The head boat Judy V. and Capt. Bob II are also fishing for flounder and croaker right now.  We have also seen a couple of trigger fish.  We are running half day trips as well as full day trips.

Capt. Bob II full day trip Saturday 7/12/2014  half day trip, trigger

Until next time,

Tight lines and BIG catches

May 31, 2014

Well the Memorial Day weekend has passed and fishing was pretty good. Lots of blue fish, shad and some rock fish were caught in the inlet.  Flounder remained a slow pick, being caught by those with special stealthy skills and flies.  Offshore the tuna picked up with nice numbers of yellow and some blues hitting the cleaning table on Sunday evening. But since then, a northeast wind and 2 days of dreary weather has slowed it down.

In the inlet the rock fish bite has been reduced to mostly throw backs with some keepers here and there.Still being caught with artificial lures like Storms, Tsunamis and bucktails with white worms.  The blue fish have slowed down with not as many being caught on the incoming tides using bucktails, spoons and Gotcha plugs. 

There was a nice 6lb sea trout caught by Clayton Anders while fishing in the inlet on Wednesday afternoon.  We have also heard reports of other nice keeper sized weakfish being netted.  Some reports are saying they have seen some caught up to 30".

Flounder are still just being picked here and there using live minnows and a piece of good ole squid.

Just today a flounder was brought in that was caught on the south side of the inlet in front of the campgrounds. It weighed around 3lbs.

The offshore bite was good for one boat yesterday out at the Baltimore.  The "Sea Flame" was elbow deep in blue fin tuna.  Bringing in their one and releasing about 20.

Not many boats are going sea bass fishing since opening day, the number of keepers seemed to have dwindled.

The head boat Judy V. is in the water, but work continues.  It should be ready to go by the beginning on next week.  Just finishing repainting the benches and deck and a punch list about 2 miles long.

The head boat has been running out to fish for sea bass and flounder.  Things are off to a slow start with just a few sea bass making it into the cooler with the rest being thrown back.  There has been a flounder caught already, so that is encouraging news.

In the mean time we are running the Capt. Bob II for our half day trips.  8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.  Our "Lazy man's Fishing Trip" will begin on June 16th running 10am-2pm Monday-Friday.

I have just updated some pictures on the site so check out what came in over the Memorial Day weekend.  We had a couple of sharks, some tuna and a few rock fish and flounder brought in for pictures.

That is all for this weekend so far.  More to come as fish show up.

April 13, 2014

Hello and welcome to the first fishing report of 2014.  Hope everyone is ready to get out and go fishing after the fiercly cold and snowy winter we just survived.

Let's get things started with some inshore fishing.  Things are just warming up with tog (blackfish) at site 10.  A couple of boats have reported catching tog on shrimp and/or green crabs, with mostly throw backs, but there have been a couple of keepers in the mix.

The inlet is showing signs of life with some short striper, tog, flounder and shad.  Most of these are being caught on the outgoing tide.

Artificial lures for the striper, such as bucktails, flies and swim shads.

The tog are biting on shrimp as well as green crabs, but they seem to like the shrimp more.

The flounder are being caught with cut bait like herring and bunker or live minnows.

For the shad throw out some spec rigs of any color.  Not a lot being caught but you might snag a few here and there.

The perch are being caught in the creeks with grass shrimp, bloodworms or night crawlers. Some of these are of nice size, measuring up to 10".  Good eating!

The surf is still not showing anything yet, but on Assateague they are catching some black drum.

Now, there are not a lot of fish being caught, but if you want something to do on these nice warming spring days, brush the dust off your fishing rod and get out and enjoy the warmer weather.

That is all for now, look forward to more in the coming weeks.

Today's catch is tonight's dinner!!!

Mrs. Bert (Deanna)

August 13, 2013

The fishing season has been moving right along with a variety of fish coming to the docks this summer.  There are fish still coming in, but the numbers are not everyday or for everyone when they do go fishing.

The White Marlin Open was a big success this year with a nice 83lb white taking home a big pot of money.  On a more local note,  John Coleman, of Symrna, DE, caught a 148.5lb big eye tuna to take first place in the small boat catergory.  Good job John! and crew of the Ocean San-Dar.

Now on to the local fishing......

The flounder are still showing up in the Indian River inlet.  The fisherman are using artificial bait Gulp on jig heads and some are using bloodworms.  You will see less bites and keepers using live minnows and squid, but you will still see some.  Most of the fish are being fished for anywhere from Bubble Gum beach to the point at the entrance of the marina.  Or in front of the Coast Guard entrance, which can get a little tricky if you are not on the throttle.

Rock fish are still around in fewer keeper sized numbers.  If you want to fish for them try using live spot or sand fleas at night. 

We have see an occassional sea trout still in the inlet.  The latest one weighed in at 6lbs and was caught over at Bubble Gum Beach.

There are a few nice size blue fish in the inlet.  These fish are running on the incoming tides.  Throw out a bucktail, Gotch plug, Hopkins lure or anything shiney when they are running.

When using sand fleas on the south side of the jetty you can get hooked up with some trigger fish and black or red drum.  Put some sand fleas on your hook and make a little chum slick by crushing them up and tossing some out in the water before you throw your hook.

The inshore report is still on the slow side for the boats fishing anywhere from 5-15 miles out.  Black sea bass have been mostly slow to bite and short if you find some.  Once in a while you will run across a few schools that have some nice keeper fish in them but it doesn't last too long.  Use salted clam or shiners for these tastey fish.

The flounder bite has it's ups and downs this summer out in the ocean too.  There have been some days when there have been good sized fish coming in to be weighed and even get a citation filled out.  (This is a good thing, not a fine)

We have seen fish anywhere from four pounds to eight and nine pounds.  Some days a few fisherman will have their limits.  But for the most part it is a slow pick on keepers. 

On the head boats Judy V. and Capt. Bob II we have seen some good days of flounder and some not so good days of flounder.  They sea bass have been mostly of the throw back size with a very few keepers in the mix. 

The offshore report has been hit or miss for the yellowfin, bluefin and big eye tuna.  We haven't seen as many blue fins hitting the docks lately, but there are still a few to be had. 

The big eye tuna are still around. These are being caught on the troll at the Wilmington and the Washington Canyons.

The yellowfin bite has been spotty.  You are either on them or off them, there seems to be no in between.  The best bite does seem to be on the overnight chunk at the Washington Canyon with butterfish. The Michael D. out of Indian River slammed the tuna on an overnighter with 14 people catching their limit.  It was a bloody mess to say the least.

The Capt. Ike II had a fantastic day of fishing for tile fish offshore at the Wilmington Canyon.  They brought back 89 blue line and golden tiles.  The largest weighed in at 18lbs and they averaged about 10lbs a piece.

Some nice size wahoo are showing up on the more inshore lumps and canyons like the Hambone, Hotdog, Tea Cup and Massey's Canyon.

The surf action remains the same but has slowed just a bit.  There are still kingfish, croaker, spot and some blow fish being caught on the Fish Bites alternative or real live bloodworms.  If you are looking for some skates or small sharks, use chunks of finger mullet, blue fish or strips of bait like bunker or mackerel.

Big sharking action in the surf requires the use of the highly sought after tuna belly.  And with the

So, don't give up on the fish, they are there with the right conditions and bait.  And if you are one of the lucky ones you just might get that flounder (or tuna, or rockfish, or trout, or wahoo) dinner you have been wanting.

July 8, 2013

Inlet & Back Bays     Inshore/Offshore     Judy V. Report     Surf Report

Inlet & Back Bays

There was a lot going on over the 4th of July week on the fishing action. Click here to see the latest pictures.

The inlet and back bays saw an increase in the number of flounder that are being caught.  Fishing by either shore or boat you can use 6" grub Gulp baits in nuclear chicken with a 1/2oz jig head, 4" swimming mullet Gulp bait in pearl white with a 3/8oz jig head or minnows and squid or cut bait.  We have seen some nice fish come to the fish cleaning table.

Along with flounder the red drum and black drum are showing up too.  Use either sand fleas (if you can find them) or peeler crabs. 

We haven't seen too many blue fish running through the inlet on the tides, but the birds are working the water so there must be some kind of bait fish out there.

Rock fish have decreased in the number of keepers we are seeing.  If you are trying for those, use artificial lures by land and fish out  from the bridge to the jetty.  But be careful!!!  Most are throw back size being caught at night with a few exceptions. 


The wind has been a constant south to southwest wind for almost 2 weeks.  This makes for slow fishing and sometimes sloppy and choppy conditions.  With that said there have been some boats that are still trudging out to get some fish.

The inshore bite on sea bass is slow.  You will find few keepers on the inshore wrecks and reef sites.  There have been more sea bass caught the further out you can get.  Let's just say it is a run of 15-25 miles to get nice keepers, so be prepared to take a butt kicking if you want them. 

The flounder bite is improving as summer goes on.  We have seen some limits of flounder from small boats fishing out at the Old Grounds and other "secret spots" that are hush hush. 

The tuna bite has been sporatic and inconsistant.  There have been blue fin at  Massey's Canyon to the Hot Dog with some yellows mixed in.  The big eye tuna were on a run for a short time at the Washington Canyon, but that seems to have moved on to greener pastures.  There have been rumors that there were blue fin seen at the Lightship.  These might be of the football size and you are only allowed one, but they are still tuna and good to eat and the run wouldn't be that far.  We have seen just a handful of mahi along with the tuna, mostly gaffer size, not many peanuts.

We have not seen any sharks since last report.  And someone needs to find a wahoo to bring in.

Judy V.

The head boats have been doing fair to good with flounder fishing.  On slow days we are seeing 3-5 brought in and on good days we are seeing 8-12.  Now I am not saying we are setting the world on fire, but there are fish being caught on both the Judy V. and Capt. Bob II's trips.  The action on black sea bass is slow at best.  Some days are better than other, but we haven't seen any large numbers of bass being caught. There are afternoons trips that have brought in some croaker.

Surf Fishing

The fishing on the surf has remained pretty much the same since last report.  There are kingfish, spot, croaker and blow fish being caught with live or artificial bloodworms. 

If you are looking for something bigger in size, hook up on a piece of cut bait like, bunker, mackerel, bluefish or tuna belly and have fun catching some sharks or rays.

June 21, 2013

Inlet & Back Bays     Inshore/Offshore    Judy V. Report     Surf Report

Summer is finally here and the weekend is going to be amazing.  No report of wind or rain....maybe, just maybe this is the beginning of good things.  Click here to see pictures for this report

Inlet & Back Bays

We have seen an increase in the number of flounder coming in from the inlet.  We haven't seen the numbers from the back bays.  The fish are being caught by land on the north side over at Bubble Gum Beach and also on the south side around the cut back along the rocks.  When they are caught they are using squid and minnows, Gulp bait with a jig head or a heavy Tsunami split tail minnow in a blue back color.

Some flounder have also been caught while on boats too.  Many with the same baits.  These boats are drifting starting on the east side of the Coast Guard wall and drifting toward Bubble Gum beach.  The best times seem to be on the end of the ends and the beginnings of the tides.

There have been a few blue fish, the largest one was weighed in at 10.9lbs and was caught by Sean Barba he was using croaker as his live bait. 

Yesterday we had some mixed bags....Scott Sharpe caught 2 flounder and a weakfish using a jig and a curl tail worm.  And David, Will and Lee caught a red drum and a black drum fishing in the Inlet along Bubble Gum Beach.  The red drum was caught on Fish bites bloodworm and the black drum was caught on a piece of shad cut bait. 

And then we heard that someone caught a cobia in the Inlet.  He didn't know what it was and threw it back in.  He showed people a picture and they identified it as a cobia.

Rock fish are still around, but the numbers of keepers have decreased as other fish are showing up more.  If you still want to try, use bucktails or artificial lures like Tsumani or Storm.


The inshore fishing report looks to be getting a little better with some boats fishing for black sea bass and some flounder.  Boaters are still reporting a lot of throw back sea bass with a few keepers.  This is from the inshore wrecks and the artificial reefs.  If you go further southeast you will find more keepers on the larger variety.

The offshore report is on the slack side because we have not had but one boat out since last weekend.  The boat Mega Bite, Captained by Tom Murphy, fished out in the Baltimore yesterday and brought only brought back a 12lb mahi.  Tom said there were other boats out there fishing and some were hooking up with tuna, but they just couldn't get them to bite.

The offshore weather looks to be perfect for this weekend and we have sold a lot of ballyhoo to fisherman going today.  We will see what they bring in later and report that information.


The Judy V.'s fishing has definitely improved since last week.  We have seen a small increase in the amount of black sea bass but the big news is the flounder fishing.  Yesterday we had a good day's catch on those flatties.  We also are seeing some croakers on the afternoon trip.

Kelly of Mount Joy, PA caught a  6.3lb flounder on sea robin belly, and Joe of Long Neck, DE caught 3 keepers 5.1, 3.3 and 2.8 lbs, and many more were caught that weighed a repestful 2 - 2.5lbs.

Each trip had a decent catch of fish.

Surf Report

The surf reports are steady with spot,croaker, kingfish, blow fish, skates and sharks.  Most are using the Fish Bites artificial blood worms or the real ones for the small fish. And cut bait like finger mullet, fresh bunker, mackerel fillet or the spot and croaker that they catch for the larger fish.

On Father's Day Steve Donahue hooked up with a 6-7' hammerhead shark on his finger mullet rig.  He saw the shark swimming up the beach heading his way and wouldn't you know it.....he hooked it up.  What a fight!!!

June 14, 2013

After yesterday's storms things have picked back up again with fishing in the Inlet.  We are seeing the flounder, rock fish as well as sea trout come in to the dock.  They were all caught on bucktails.

Here are some pictures of the catch from Wednesday through today......

8lb sea trout caught by Ron on the Gale ForceAn 8lb sea trout was caught on the Gale Force today by Ron Miller, it was caught along the Coast Guard Station wall.

Limits on sea trout at Bubble Gum

These sea trout were caught by Johnny, Carter, Andrew and Jimmy while fishing at Bubble Gum Beach.

4.2lb flounder by Chris with bucktails

Chris caught this 4.2lb and 21" flounder out at Bubble Gum Beach Wednesday on a custom made white bucktail with orange flash.

First long fin of the year by Tom on the Tressa Lynn

On Wednesday, the Tressa Lynn went to the Baltimore Canyon and caught the first long fin tuna of the season, weighing in at 23.4lb.  The were trolling ballyhoo.

And today.......

10.7lb 34" blue fish from Johnny.....a 10.7lb and 34" blue fish was caught by Johnny who was also out at Bubble Gum Beach. This is the biggest of the year.

June 12, 2013

Finally some good news to report.....

The flounder bite is starting to show up in the Indian River Inlet.  Gale Force charters had a nice catch yesterday afternoon with 5 keepers and a lot more misses. 

Rock fish started biting again and there were some reports of the blue fish out there too.

On the inshore bite the Judy V. is out today and word from Capt Roger is that there are some keeper flounder on board and headed back in.  The sea bass were still on the small side, but some are making it on board.

We have some boats out off shore doing some tuna fishing let's keep our fingers crossed.  I will post when I get that information.

Here are the pictures of some of the catch.....

3.1lb flounder by ScottMickey and Chris get rock and flounderGale Force Charters trip with 5 flounder

June 11, 2013

This weather Sucks!!!! Just when you think things are going to straighten up it goes to crap again.  The wind and rain just won't let up. Thunderstorms predicted for most of the week....Wednesday looks to be the best. Maybe we will get a decent weekend eventually.
Here is the report for the following areas over the past week and into the weekend.....

Indian River Inlet and Back Bays:
The striper bite started out at the beginning of the week pretty good.  Again, most guys are still fishing with artificial lures....Storm Lures, Tsunami Lures, white bucktails with white worms and a few flies.  The north side on the outgoing tide and some times the south side.  This dropped off as the weekend drew closer and pretty much died over the weekend with all the rain that we had it just stopped the bite.
Today (Tuesday) the word is that the bite started back up this morning on the north side of the jetty.  Still same lures....Storms, Tsunami and white bucktails.

21.8lb rock fish in the InletHere is a picture of a rock fish caught early in the week.  This fish was caught on a Storm lure by Frank of Ocean View.  It weighed 21.8lbs.

Some blues are running through, but we are still not seeing the numbers we would for this time of the year.  Throw out a Gotcha plug, spoon or bucktail (without the worm) when you see them.
A few shad remain if you get desperate for something to bite.  Not too good for eating but fun to catch.

Flounder are still on the MIA list.  We have seen just a few of these fish caught on minnows and squid if you get lucky enough to find them.
We did have one weighed in yesterday that was caught in the Indian River Inlet on a Gulp 4" swimming mullet.  It weighed 3.1lbs and measured 19".

Spot have not shown up in the numbers that they should be.  We did see a nice school of them at the beginning of the week and managed to get our hands on some, but they disappeared quickly both from our tanks and the inlet.  You may see one here and there, but they haven't been potting like they should.

130.3lb Mako SharkNot many got out during the week to test the waters but one boat did manage to make a day of it on Wednesday and came in with a 130.3lb Mako shark from the Fingers.

Saturday was a bust for most because of the wind so Sunday was the only day that was decent to get offshore to try for some deep sea fishing.
Some fished in the Ocean City Shark Tournement while others tried there hand at tuna, tile and black sea bass.


107lb bluefin tuan from Boy's ToyBoy's Toy caught the largest bluefin tuna to date on Sunday at the Wilmington Canyon, Josh and Tommy Gessler along with angler Nick Sharp and Rob Dorman caught this 107lber on a Joe Shutte lure.

Fish Whistle caught blue fin and yellow fin with a few mahi at the Wilmington too. Fish Whistle crew gets some tuna and mahiThey were trolling ballyhoo when they hooked up into these fish.

Tile trip to the Washington Canyon....YumThese tile fish were caught by the crew on the Full Count when they were out at the Washington Canyon.  The Largest was 27.5lb and was caught by Brad Clark of Ocean View, DE.  Deep dropping squid is the best way to catch tile.

First yellow fin of the season from April 1stOur first yellow fins of the season came in from Poor Man's canyon from Chris and Mackenzie on april 1st.

Dana Lynn charter with over 170lbs of sea bassThere were some boats that had a good day of fishing out off in the deep for black sea bass.  Those that went the distance came back with a fair amount, but keep in mind they were traveling 18-25 miles out. As seen here by the charter boat, Dana Lynn.  They took a trip to the Dry Docks to get some black sea bass and came back to the dock with over 170lbs of sea bass.

The Judy V. has been getting out when the weather is fit.  It is still a slow start to our season here.  The black sea bass have just not been big enough to keep yet.  On Sunday's trip, we had tons of fish caught but there were not many keepers making it to the boat. 

A friend of mine took a research group out from UMES (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) just last week and they were taking statistical data and when they sent down a temperature sensor to the bottom and it registered only 44°.  They were only out about 20 miles.  So that tells me that the water is still very, very cold and has a long way to go before it warms up.

On the Surf:
The rock fish bite has slowed down since the last report, but we have heard of a lot of king fish and blow fish being caught on either artificial or live blood worms. Still some small sand sharks and rays too.  I did see a picture of a cobia that was caught one day last week also.  This was caught using fresh bunker.  Kinda strange to see one of those caught on the beach.

That's all for this week.....let's cross our fingers for better weather soon.
Mrs. Bert

June 2, 2013

Fishing around the area has been up and down along with the weather. 

Inlet and Back Bays:

The rock fish are being caught along the rocks in the Indian River Inlet on the ends and beginning of the tides. You will have to put in some time if you want to get the big ones.  This is not an every day or night event, some schools are small and some are bigger, but we have seen some nice ones landed over the past week.  Here are a few pictures of the rock fish we have seen.

rock fish from the Inlet   Paul & Vickie with their rock fish    

People fishing from shore are finding that artificial lures are the most productive in landing these fish.  In the soft baits 5 & 6 inch swim shads in golden bunker, sea trout or olive back colors are working best.  Some are finding luck using just a white buck tail with a white worm and casting into the rips and letting if drift.  The south and south west winds have cut down on the numbers that are being landed.

While waiting for the tides some shad and blue fish are making an appearance.  Use either a shad dart, spoon, spec rig or bucktail for these fish.

Phillip Chandler's 11.3lb flounder 

The flounder bite has not been as good as it should for this time of the year.  Usually we would see some of the larger size fish in the back bays and up in the canals.  We have only seen a few here, unlike the Lewes Canal were they have had a nice spring season this year.  On occassion we have seen some.  A very nice one showed up on Wednesday last week.  It was caught by Phillip Chandler on a minnow and weighed 11.3 lbs and measured 30" in length.  He caught it in the Inlet itself.


252lb Thresher - Mega Bite, Capt. Tom Murphy


After a less than fabulous holiday weekend, Mega Bite finally got out to fish on Memorial Day.  They were headed off shore to go find some sharks and boy did they.  They found this 2

52lb Thresher at the Fingers.  They put out a  slick of bunker/blue chum and hooked it up on a whole blue fish.

As for the tuna bite.....well let's just say what tuna.  There have been two or three brought in here to be cleaned in the last 2 weeks.  People are just not willing to go out and look for them yet without there being a good bite going on.

Head boats and charter boats:

Judy V sea bass tripThe head boat Judy V. also got out on Monday for some inshore bottom fishing for black sea bass.  Even though it was a little rough the fish were biting.  Mostly throw back size, but some keepers made it back to the dock. 

Karen Sue's sea bass tripAnd the Karen Sue got out as well for a good days catch. 

The Capt. Ike got out on Saturday and had a great catch with almost 100lbs of sea bass brought in to be cleaned.  Along with other private recreational boats going out as far as the Radford and The Washingtonian.

On the Surf:

The surf has been on and off again as well.  Rock fish are still being caught using fresh bunker.  Mostly sunrise and again at sunset to a couple hours after dark.People are also finding some sand sharks and skates and sting rays.  If you are just out for the day, try bloodworms.  You may catch some blow fish, king fish, spot or croakers.

These pictures are from over the past 2 weeks......

Greta with her 10lb rock fromt he surfDom with a 12lb and 14lb from the InletGreg with his 22.8lb, 42" striper from the surf on fresh bunkerFresh bunker caught this 22.8lb rock fish for GregFresh bunker gets this 15lb 37" rock for RobertHenry catches a 20.4lb 39" rock fish with fresh bunkerThis 11.1lb 31" rock was caught with fresh bunker by Sean



May 1, 2013

Hi and welcome to another fishing season.  Things are off to a slow start here at the Inlet but there have been a few fish caught.

The tog are showing up around the bridge pilings and along the rocks and are being caught mainly on green crabs but some are also trying shrimp.

The rock fish are slowly showing up along the jetty on the north side in the rips.  These fish are primarily short or even babies in some cases. There are some keepers, but still, very few.  Most are fishing with flies, artificial swim shads or bucktails with white worms. 

There were some reports of some blue fish showing up too. Not sure if any have been around since last week end, but try casting bucktails, casting spoons or jigs.

Flounder have been picked in the back bay with minnows, squid or cut baits like herring or mackerel strips on top and bottom rigs.  Haven't heard how the gulp baits have been doing.  Deanna Peck, of Lewes, DE weighed a 2.3lb 19.5" flounder on Sunday that she caught on a mummy chug.

2.3lb flounder April 28

On the surf there are reports of king fish (already) skates and dogfish sharks.  And when you can get fresh bunker you may be able to net yourself a striper.  I haven't seen any stripers weighed in since last week end when Matt Bomberger of Dowingtown, PA brought in  a 23lber that he caught with fresh bunker on the beach at 3R's.

So overall, the fishing is still just getting started and we are hoping to see it take off soon.

December 2012

With summer far behind us and Christmas just around the corner, don't think the fish have disappeared completely.  Turn your efforts towards that trophy rock fish or a tasty tog .

Boats are trolling on the beach between Bethany Beach (in front of Sea Colony) and Fenwick Island.  Most are using either Stretch 30's or 25's in Cabo Sunset, Chartreuse or Pink colors or tandem Mojo's in white or chartreuse. Some days are decent while others are a pick here and there. (Remember, stay inside 3 miles)

The surf has been slow but for those that won't give up you just might get yourself a 52lb monster like Bob Smith just the other day.  This fish was weighed in just this past Saturday at Old Inlet and brought to our scales to double check on the new state record fish. (The old record was 51.8lbs)  This fish was caught on fresh bunker.

The ocean has been turning out some tautog.  For those that are able to get out green crabs or white leggers are your best bet.  Going to the Washingtonian is the best place so far.  Sites 10 & 11 have been slim pickings.

Those fishing the inlet have found on and off again fishing for both rock fish and the tog. The people fishing from land are using flies, while those fishing from boats are using live spot and doing better on the beginning of the outgoing tide. Most of the time we are seeing mostly shorts with just a few keepers.

The tog can be good when it's on. Use greenies or white leggers on the beginning of the incoming or outgoing tides.

We are still opened daily until the end of December.  We will be closed January and February.  Click here for our current hours.

August 6th, 2012

Things are a little dreary today.  Clouds and rain are in the forecast.  But people are still fishing for flounder, blues and rock fish in the Inlet. 

In the inlet the flounder are being caught on live minnows, live spot, cut bait-such as mackerel and also Gulp. Blue fish are showing up on the incoming tides with buck tails, Gotch plugs, spoons, or Tsunami Midwaves. Short rock fish are being caught on sand fleas out under the bridge out to the end of the jetty.  We have seen some keepers, but they are few and far between.

Last weekend John Lindsay caught himself a spanish mackerel while fishing in the Inlet.  He was just trying to catch a flounder with a minnow and landed himself a 2lb spanish.

With the recent full moon phase the offshore bite has slowed some on the tuna bite, but with White Marlin week well under way let's hope that picks back up.  Most guys are rigging up to go offshore for the whites, blues, tuna and wahoo for this week.  I hope we have some big fish hit the docks this week.  Maybe one of the guys that fish out of here will be on the leader board.

Even though the tuna bite has slowed the guys on the "Not Right" had a great trip on Saturday.  They caught a 156.3lb "Allison" Yellow fin tuna out at Poor Man's Canyon.  Phil Young was the angler, with some assistance boating the fish from Jim Short.  They also had 3 other yellow fin and 4 white releases that day too.  What a great day on the water!!!

The surf fishing remains the same, with king fish, blues, skates and sharks.  The kings are being caught on live or artificial blood worms, the blues are being caught on whole or chunked finger mullet and if you can find tuna belly you can catch some decent sized sharks.

The inshore bite remains pretty good with good numbers of flounder and black sea bass coming in on the head boat Judy V. and the Capt. Bob II.  The bass are being caught using shiners and clams and the flounder are being caught jigging with cut bait, such as blue fish or mackerel fillet.

That's all for now.

Deanna (AKA Mrs. Bert)


Fishing in the Indian River Inlet continues to be good for the flounder.  We have seen fish from 2.5lbs up to 5lbs brought to the scale.  These fish are being caught on live spot.  There have been some that have been caught with chartreuse swimming mullet Gulp on a jig head and a few on live minnows, but the majority have been brought in with the live spot.

Blue fish show up when they feel like it lately.  Monday and Tuesday we had reports of large ones making their way in and out of the inlet.  They were being caught with bucktails and worms, Hopkins Lures and other shiney type lures.

Rock fish are being caught mostly at night and mostly short.  These are being caught on artificial lures such as Tsunami split tail minnow in a blue back herring color.  These lures are only available here at Hook 'em & Cook 'em.

Tuna are still around.  There have been a few boats going out since last weeks winds.  Boy's Toy, Capt. Ike, Reel Life, Free Spool, Grouper Therapy and Tressa Lynn all came back to the dock with 3-9 fish each.

The surf is still slow, but we are hearing of some king fish showing up at Conquest Beach.  There are still sharks and skates being caught as well.

The inshore bite of sea bass and flounder is really showing imporvement each and every day.  We had a 6.1lb flounder caught on the 10am-2pm trip today.  Pictures will follow soon.

So things look to be good for this week end so get out and go fishing!!!!

Deanna (AKA Mrs. Bert)

May 20, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to our new website.  If you find any problems or errors please let me know so that we can fix them quickly for your viewing pleasure.

Let's start off this fishing report with the Inlet.  Rock fish are still biting in the inlet along the rocks on the north side.  The fishing has been sporadic with 3-4 days on and 3-4 days off.  Most of these fish are being caught during the evening into the early morning hours.  Use a Storm Lure, Tsunami Lure, white bucktails with worms, poppers or Bombers if fishing by land.  The most popular color is a bunker or golden bunker.  Some fishing by boat are using eels, live shad or chunks of bunker..

Blue fish are coming into the inlet as well as bunker and shad.  You can throw a bucktail, Got-cha plug or a Kastmaster to catch the blues.  Throw out a Spec Rig or some kind of spoon to catch the bunker or shad.

The flounder fishing in the back bays has improved somewhat with a 5lber brought in on Saturday caught on minnows.  He was fishing in Massey's Ditch.  Other than that one we have heard of very few.

The surf is showing some improvement with some rock fish showing up on Conquest Beach.  We had an 11lber caught on Friday on a bunker head.

Inshore fishing is showing signs of life with people catching black sea bass, tautog and even a flounder.   Black sea bass officially opened back up on Saturday but no one has been able (or wanted to) to go fishing with the wind constantly blowing out of the east at 15-25mph.  that doesn't make for nice conditions out there at all!!!

We have had some blue fin and yellow fin tuna brought to the docks. (last week end) The largest blue fin weighed in at 60lbs along with a 151lb sword fish.  These fish have been brought in from South of the Baltimore.  Keep an eye out for those pockets of warm water, they come in and go out very quickly this time of season.

Well that's all for now....let's hope this wind dies out some time soon.  I am tired of seeing boats sitting at the docks.

Deanna (AKA-Mrs. Bert)

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