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Fishing Cleaning Rates

After being out on the water all day you don't feel like cleaning all those fish, so bring them to our fish cleaning service. We can fillet and skin your catch so that it is ready for dinner.

Opened daily 11 am - 8 pm Memorial Day through Labor Day. Call 302-226-8220 for Off-Season Hours.

We charge per pound, depending on the species




Sea Bass, Snapper Blue Fish (<5#), King Fish, Trout


LOINED  Shark, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin or Sword


STEAKED Shark, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin or Sword

$10.00 each



Rock Fish, Black Drum, Chopper Blue Fish (>5#)


Croaker, Trigger, Peanut Dolphin (<3), Blow Fish & Rays

$2.00 ea.

Smooth & Spiney Dog Fish Sharks

$3.00 each



Tautog, Sheepshead, Gaffer Dolphin (>3), Tile


Upcharge for Scaling and Gutting


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