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Delaware Shot Gun Season 2013

Well today is the last day of Delaware's early shot gun season for deer.  Hope everyone got to at least shoot at one.

John Coleman of Symrna, DE, shot a super nice buck on Monday.  The spread on the rack measured 20 inches and the height of the tines measured 9.5 inches.  This one is definitely a wall mounter.

This 6 pointer was taken by a cross bow by our very own Mrs. Bert. of Hook 'em & Cook 'em.  The right side of the rack is 3 and the left was 2 up and one drop tine.  It is hard to see, but trust me it is there.

If you have a picture of your deer, send it to us at and we will post it to our bragging page.

May 2012

Well the hunting season is almost over and people are focusing on fishing. Here is a brief summary on our year.

The season was pretty slow over all for goose and duck hunting this past year.  We did see some big deer killed, but over all the numbers were a little lower for deer taken.  The turkey season got off to a good start with some nice jakes and toms brought in for weight and measure.

We will again start focusing on hunting come Sept 2012 with the opening of dove and early duck season and bow hunting for deer.

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